Anthea has over 17 years’ experience of working at tertiary, secondary and primary levels, both as a classroom practitioner and a speaker.

She uses creativity to communicate important messages to young people in schools. She interweaves examples from contemporary society and her life, addressing a wide range of issues, honestly and empathetically. Anthea creates room for laughter, discussion and celebration of what it means to be human.

When Anthea speaks, she challenges and inspires students and teachers, interweaving poetry, prose and illustrations.

Some of the key areas Anthea addresses are:

Mental health

Self-esteem, depression, grief and the impact of covid

Mental resilience


Literacy and the power of words to shape your life!

Ethnicity/identity and immigration

Prejudice and discrimination


Basic Package

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Anthea leads dynamic and interactive assembly sessions. These can be for a specific agreed theme or more generally, to inspire, challenge and motivate the students.

Standard Package

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Half Day

If there are specific theme that you are interested in focusing on, you can discuss with Anthea beforehand. Workshops can be for whole year groups or focused on smaller groups. Specialising in English and History, Anthea is comfortable doing focused, classroom based activities with agreed outcomes.

Premium Package

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Full Day

One of the the session can be an assembly. In which case, the school can have a maximum of 3 other session during the rest of the day.

Twilight Package

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Staff training

Anthea facilitates an unflinching, dynamic and powerful, poetry/prose infused staff training workshop. The session is focused on staff wellbeing and the unique challenges to teacher mental health in the work environment. The aim is to help staff and the leadership dialogue about the issues and find positive solutions to support mental resilience and staff retention.

Anthea joined us for a whole school assembly […] She was incredibly engaging, funny, and extraordinarily inspirational. Anthea spoke about the richness of celebrating the outstanding achievements of black women and captivated us with her poetry and stories, taking us on an incredible journey. I can highly recommend Anthea and hope to see her at another event soon. Anthea is not just a speaker; she’s an experience.     

Dr May Lee, Head, Northampton High School GDST

Anthea’s poetry is so powerful and so moving. I am so proud and thankful that we were able to give our students the opportunity to hear her speak – it was an incredibly inspiring and enriching experience. [..]. She helped our students understand the power of poetic voice and, because of the relevance and relatability of the work she shared, gave them a confidence about responding to poetry which has had a significant impact with their GCSE and A’ Level Literature assessment. She spoke to students about the value of literacy – a message that has had a profound and lasting impact. Her enthusiasm to engage with our young people, listen to their questions, develop their thinking and provide full responses, garnered their respect and ensure a lasting impact. Months later students refer to her messages and ideas, and have asked for her to visit again.

Catherine Young, Head of English  Bedford Academy

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Be Inspired

Receive news, updates and previews of Anthea’s latest work and passion projects. Enter your email address to subscribe.

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